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Mar 22: Our latest paper in the Journal of the American Chemical Society provides new insight into charge transport in hematite – well done Chris!

Mar 22: Big welcome to Yucheng Xu who is visiting from Cambridge. Exciting to have an experimentalist among us!

Mar 22: Upcoming Research Seminar in the beautiful English country side: prednisone 20 mg purchase

Feb 22: Our take on charge transport in organics – the non-adiabatic dynamics perspective: prednisone 10 mg purchase   

Nov 21: Samuele wins the Marshall Stoneham Prize for his PhD thesis! Well deserved, Samuele!

Nov 21: Big welcome to Nora Gildemeister who joins our group as a guest from the University of Cologne for a couple of months.

Oct 21: Big welcome to Ke Wang who joins our group for an undergraduate project within his Physics degree course.

Sep 21: Matt’s paper on the impact of crystallinity on charge carrier transport is out in Advanced Materials – quantum delocalization even in disordered semiconductors, FOB-SH at its best – well done all!

Sep 21: Our paper on Nanosecond Electron Transfer in Multi-heme Proteins is published – a true tour de force with electrochemistry and spectroscopy collaborators Julea Butt and Steve Meech – well done Xiaojing!

Sep 21: We are slowly returning to UCL – good to see faces, masked but real!

Jul 21: We have another Doctor this year: Congratulations, Matt!

Jun 21: Our IWOM workshop pulls in the crowds – 200 attendees!

Feb 21 A big welcome to our new group members Philipp, Ljiljana and Masih!

Dec 20 We have a new Doctor in our group: Congratulations Samuele!

Nov 20 Xiaojing wins the biennial Gaston Berthier prize for her thesis entitled: “Contribution to the Development of Advanced Approaches for Electron and Molecular Dynamics Simulations in Extended Biomolecules” while carrying out her PhD at the University Paris-Sarclay. Congratulations Xiaojing!