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Oct 19 Congratulations to Sharon who has passed her viva with minor corrections! We wish her every success with her future.

Aug 19 Sam has won the poster prize and an iPad at the PISACMS workshop in Paris, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie.

Jun 19 Zdenek joins University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic as an Assistant Professor. We wish him every success managing his new group and growing family.

Jun 19 We would like to welcome Xiaojing to our group who has joined us from Université Paris Saclay.

Mar 19  Jochen was awarded Fellow membership by the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC)

Feb 19 Sharon receives a prize for her talk at the TYC Student Day at Imperial and Sam receives a prize for his poster -congratulations both of you.

Jan 19 Sharon selected to present her work at the TYC PhD student Day at Imperial – well done!

Jan 19 Great start to the New Year! Sharon’s paper on trifurcated electron flow in multi-heme proteins got accepted in PNAS.

Nov 18 Jochen will join the Editorial Advisory Board for Chemical Reviews, the top review journal in the Chemical Sciences.