Computational Chemical Physics


PhD position available!

We are developing and applying quantum and classical molecular simulation methods to study:

  • Ultrafast non-adiabatic dynamics of charge transport processes
  • Electron transfer in biological systems and organic semiconductors
  • Redox processes at solid/liquid interfaces
  • Transport and binding of small ligands in proteins

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A visualization of polaronic charge transport in a high mobility organic semiconductor.

Recent News

Nov 18 Jochen will join the Editorial Advisory Board for Chemical Reviews, the top review journal in the Chemical Sciences.

Nov 18 Souyma joins Dominik Marx at Ruhr-Universit├Ąt Bochum on a prestigious Humboldt fellowship. We wish him every success with his new project in Germany.

Oct 18 We would like to congratulate Hui on passing her PhD viva with minor corrections. Well done Hui!

Sep 18 We are pleased to welcome a new PhD student, Chris Ahart, to the group.

Aug 18 We are pleased to welcome Davide Dell'Angelo to the group. His recent work, at the University of Alberta, has focussed on the Quantum Classical Louiville equation approach to non-adiabatic molecular dynamics.