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Feb 21 A big welcome to our new group members Philipp, Ljiljana and Masih!

Dec 20 We have a new Doctor in our group: Congratulations Samuele!

Nov 20 Xiaojing wins the biennial Gaston Berthier prize for her thesis entitled: “Contribution to the Development of Advanced Approaches for Electron and Molecular Dynamics Simulations in Extended Biomolecules” while carrying out her PhD at the University Paris-Sarclay. Congratulations Xiaojing!

Oct 20 Our latest paper accepted in J Phys Chem Lett showing how electrons tunnel coherently across a 3 nm protein junction. A computational tour de force – well done Zdenek!

Oct 20 Jochen presents our fragment orbital-based surface hopping method at the VISTA online seminar series prednisone 10 mg purchase (with John Tully attending 🙂

Sep 20 Matt’s snapshot of a flickering polaron on the cover page of Adv. Theory Simul.! purchase prednisone

Feb 20 Sam won the “Best Talk” Prize at the TYC Student Day 2020, ahead of very strong contenders – Congratulations!

Jan 20 Sam chosen to speak at the workshop ‘Modelling Photoinduced Processes in Molecular Systems’ at Imperial in February.

Jan 20 We welcome a new postdoc, Wei-Tao Peng, into the group who has joined us from the Levine Research Group at Michigan State University.