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Oct 20 Jochen presents our fragment orbital-based surface hopping method at the VISTA online seminar series prednisone purchase canada (with John Tully attending 🙂

Feb 20 Sam won the “Best Talk” Prize at the TYC Student Day 2020, ahead of very strong contenders – Congratulations!

Jan 20 Sam chosen to speak at the workshop ‘Modelling Photoinduced Processes in Molecular Systems’ at Imperial in February.

Jan 20 We welcome a new postdoc, Wei-Tao Peng, into the group who has joined us from the Levine Research Group at Michigan State University.

Jan 20 We welcome a new PhD student, Jan Elsner, into the group who has joined us from the University of Cambridge.

Oct 19 Congratulations to Sharon who has passed her viva with minor corrections! We wish her every success with her future.

Aug 19 Sam has won the poster prize and an iPad at the PISACMS workshop in Paris, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie.

Jun 19 Zdenek joins University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic as an Assistant Professor. We wish him every success managing his new group and growing family.