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Mar 16: Our paper “Fast Interconversion of Hydrogen Bonding at the Hematite (001)–Liquid Water Interface” is out prednisone purchase canada

Jan 16 : We’ve been awarded a 2M Euro ERC Consolidator grant “SOFTCHARGE – Charge Carrier Transport in Soft Matter: From Fundamentals to High-Performance Materials”.

Jan 16  Congratulations to Guido for winning the Poster Prize at the CECAM workshop “Liquid/solid Interfaces – structure and dynamics from spectroscopy and simulation”.

Nov 27: Hui has been selected to give a talk at MGMS Young Modellers’ Forum in Greenwich

Oct 15:  Xiuyun (Sharon) starts her PhD and Antoine his post-doctoral work in our group – a warm welcome!

Jul 15: Guido and Jacob get selected to present their work at the PSI-K 2015 conference in Spain…exciting!

Jun 15: Marian’s viva! Minor corrections – congratulations, almost there!

Jun 15: Jacob and Guido got selected to present their work at the EUROMAT 2015 in Warsaw