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Sep 17 Hui and Antoine selected to present their work at the CECAM Workshop: “Multiscale modelling of organic semiconductors: from elementary processes to devices” (Grenoble, France) and EPCP17 (Borgo, France), respectively.

Sep 17 Post-doc Soumya Ghosh joins our group – a warm welcome!

Aug 17 Guido passes his PhD examination – congrats!

Aug 17 Congratulations to Antoine for winning the Poster Prize at the 11th Triennial Congress of the World Association of Theoretical and Computational Chemists (WATOC2017) with his poster ‘Electron Transfer in Organic and Biological Materials’.

Jun 17 Guido wins in the “Best Use of ARCHER” competition – congratulations!

May 17 Sharon won the poster prize at the CECAM school ‘Hybrid Quantum Mechanics / Molecular Mechanics (QM/MM) Approaches to Biochemistry and Beyond’ for the poster ‘Simulation of Pump-Probe Experiment in Small Tetraheme Cytochrome’

May 17  Hui has been selected to present her work at the Royal Society of Chemistry Theoretical Chemistry Group Graduate Student Meeting, Southampton.

Apr 17  Guido and Antoine selected to present their work at the CCP9 Young Researchers Event (Cambridge) and Faraday Joint Interest Group Conference (Warwick), respectively.

Feb 17: Our combined experimental/computational study on the atomistic structure of the hematite/liquid water interface has been published in JACS.