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Mar 24: EXCITING! We won an ERC Advanced Grant EXCITING: New Horizons in Excited State Dynamics in Organic Electronic Materials: Better, Larger, Faster

Dec 23: Jan passed his PhD viva with flying colours – congrats Dr Elsner!

Sep 23: Another feat with FOB-SH – showing how insulating groups increase charge mobility of organic molecular crystals – special thanks to Samuele, David Beljonne (Mons) and Mischa Bonn’s Team (Max Planck Institute).

Jun 23: Big welcome to Filip Ivanovic who will join us this summer before starting a PhD in October.

May 23: Jan wins joint 1st prize for his talk at the 2023 TYC Student Day – Congrats!!

Oct 22: A warm welcome to our new PhD students Aaron, Andras and Kit!

Sep 22: Jochen new Head of Condensed Matter & Materials Physics!

Jul 22: Jochen was elected as a Fellow of The Institute of Physics (FInstP)

May 22: Chris successfully defends his PhD thesis – well done, Dr Ahart!